Dansalan Gardens Condominium “Paloverde Tower

347 M. Vicente St.,Brgy. Malamig, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

This is the place to stay when you want to be close to everywhere! It’s location is in the center of Metro Manila and is very close to MRT Boni Station.

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Room "A" Dansalan


Room "B" Dansalan


Room "C" Dansalan

27 Sun 28 Mon 29 Tue
PHP1,500.00 PHP1,500.00 PHP1,500.00
PHP1,200.00 PHP1,200.00 PHP1,200.00
PHP750.00 PHP750.00 PHP750.00
Total Price: PHP0.00

Map & Directions


From the airport, always look for the yellow colored taxi cab because they will charged you based on meter, just show them the address above including the map so they can take you here easily.  Normally, from the airport fare would be around PhP200.00 – PhP300.00 (US$5 to US$6) depending on traffic. 

When you reach the entrance gate of Dansalan Gardens Condominium, tell the guards that you are a guest in MC Paloverde Tower,  ask him to point to you the Paloverde Tower so you can direct the driver to drop you off at the lobby.  At the lobby, when ask by the receptionist what unit number,  just advice that you are a guest of Mezzanine C “MC”, NO NEED TO MENTION PINOY BACKPACKERS.  They might call our unit to inform that you are coming or sometimes they would just allow you to go up. In an elevator, just press M and look for our unit “MC”.